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***This post contains spoilers for Daughter of Smoke and Bone***

Love this German cover!

Love this German cover!

I’ve been meaning to post this “book rave” from an awesome teen, Mailina, for quite some time. I visited School of the Arts (SOTA) in Tacoma last December to booktalk to Mary Boone’s 12th grade class. Many of you know that I’m a big fan of Laini Taylor’s Daughter of Smoke and Bone (and the sequel Days of Blood and Starlight). So, I showed my video booktalk of Daughter of Smoke and Bone, and continued to talk it up after the video played. I also passed around a copy of DOSB, while booktalked other books. Mailina approached after the class was over and asked if she could check out the book. I made plans to hold the book for her at the library, and she came for it immediately. A few days later, I received this amazing email from her.

Before you read it I have to say a few things:

  • I *love* how she uses the word, karou, for hope!!! True fan!fell in love
  • She mentions how long it’s been since she’s had time to read a book for pleasure. I see this all too often with high school students. When my former students (who left middle school as voracious readers) would pop in and visit me at the the middle school library, I would inevitably ask them about their reading life. They would lament the fact that they hadn’t read a book of choice in months, as they had no time. Instead they had homework, extracurricular activities, and assigned texts that seemed to turn them off from reading in general. How sad!
  • This book saved her. It never ceases to amaze me how powerful books can be and how they seem to find us at the exact time we need them the most.

Without further ado. here’s one of my favorite emails, ever! 

This. Book. Is. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

I couldn’t put it down. At first, I thought she could fix up a few parts but what wasn’t quite sure what they were, now I’m thinking maybe the absurdity of all the supernatural fights taking place before a crowd in public places, but now at the end I think I take that back and am totally pleased!!! Even if I didn’t take those “weak complaints” back, I still would have been all over this!!! Something about that beginning page I read when you were talking to us in class. What a blessing, right? That you would have happened to bring this to us during this time. It really has been a good thing, it came into my life just at the right time.

I couldn’t even handle, I stayed up til 3AM the night you gave me the read and continued to read it until tonight, (with breaks, of course. I would have definitely finished it before 10 if that weren’t the case).

But I was really obsessed. Well, am. Part of me wanted to take the time because I’m a bit nostalgic and didn’t want to finish something so good in such a quick time with nothing to follow it up, and as I neared the end I was all too aware of the dwindling in number of pages, BUT I HAD TO CONTINUE!!!

I absolutely love Karou and sincerely hope that Brimstone isn’t what we are told he is… SHE NEEDS TO HUG HIM!!! SHE NEEDS HIM IN HER LIFE!!! And Akiva, in all his glory, SLAYING all of Loramendi?! Too insane to be the end, I am SO glad you told me of the sequel before I found out on my own. I was able to ready myself for what was to come, and now I have hope-karou-that things will work out and the love that they have will bring them back TOGETHER!!! (Excuse the silliness of me referencing the book already, haha).


I can’t remember if I’ve ever been so ridiculously excited about a book. I think it may be because I can tell you how much I like it that I’m excited???? UNF. I can’t WAIT to see how this war pans out. I CAN’T WAIT TO READ THE NEXT ONE.

Oh, but the main reason for this message was to say THANK YOU!!!

Thank you SO much, Miss Kristy, for deciding to bring this novel to our class on Thursday and for making it a point to not forget to try and get it to me later that day. I haven’t sat down to read a book for pleasure in a long time and I’ve been so busy this year, but I just decided to push everything aside for the past day and a half and just FINISH it and by golly… I am SO incandescently happy that I did. (:

Have a good week and I’ll see you soon enough!!!

— Mailina

Swoon. This email made my day/week/month. Seriously! It makes me want to reread books one and two in preparation for book three… which isn’t currently scheduled to be released until April, 2014.

Le sigh.rbk-young-adult-laini-taylor-books-03-de

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