Poetry and Pinterest

Are you as addicted to Pinterest as I am? I find myself gravitating toward Pinterest when I’m looking for new and creative programs to hold at the library. I’m also in the middle of wedding planning, and it’s provided a wealth of cool DIY project ideas for the ceremony and reception. You can find me on Pinterest and view my boards by searching: Kristyjojo. The StoryLab is also using it to help teens with digital media projects, mainly as a project idea generator, and a way to organize and access digital media tutorials.


Pinterest has inspired me to get excited about poetry. As you’re probably reminded every year at school, April is National Poetry Month. Don’t get me wrong, I ❤ poetry. I was a poetry club advisor for three years when I taught at a high school and later at a middle school. Writing, reading, and listening to poetry can be at times meditative and exhilarating. Poetry is an incredible creative outlet for some. But my creative juices have been running low as of late, and I was stuck on just how to make an engaging poetry display in the teen area. Voilà!: Pinterest to the rescue with “Book Spine Poetry.”

I grabbed a gigantic pile of books and went to work, creating some short and sweet poems out of the titles. Sara (AKA The Ninja Librarian) made one as well. Stop by the teen area to check our poetry display that features some entertaining book spine poetry. Do you want to make your own? Do it, take a photo, email me and I’ll share it here! kgale@tacomapubliclibrary.org

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